Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pet portrait cost?

The price of your pet portrait will depend on a number of factors – the number of pets, the size and whether or not you opt for a detailed background or a plain paper or wash background. For full pricing details please see the Sizes. Prices and Options page. If there you need something different to the range I usually offer, you are always welcome to contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

How long does it take to receive my pet portrait?

Once your order has been placed and I’ve confirmed that I have sufficient visual reference material and information, it will usually take between 10-14 days for UK based customers to receive a finished pet portrait. For overseas customers, it will depend on the distance and shipping. If there are significantly longer delays due to a waiting list, I will make this clear on the homepage so you’ll know before you order. If you need your portrait by a certain date, it’s best to contact me first to check if this will be possible.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes, it’s possible to buy digital Gift Vouchers that are sent directly to the recipient with your message inside. You can choose the amount you wish to send and they can be redeemed anytime within a year of purchase. Find out more on the Pet Portrait Gift Voucher page.

Do you offer pencil drawings or oil painting pet portraits?

As an artist, I can draw in pencil (in fact all the watercolour portraits are sketched in pencil before they are painted) and I’m also well practised in pen and ink and digital mediums. However, for my pet portrait commissions, I focus on producing high quality water colour paintings.

May I have a custom size pet portrait?

I wil always try to accomodate client requests where possible. Please contact me to let me know your requirements and we’ll take it from there.

Do you accept credit and debit card payments?

Yes, I accept Mastercard, Visa and a number of other credit and debit card options.

Are my details safe?

Yes, we don’t hold your credit card details, they are encrypted. We use Stripe as our payment gateway. The website itself holds an SSL certificate for extra safety too.

Who paints the portraits?

I draw and paint all of the pet portraits commissioned on this site. I’m educated as an artist and have many years of professional experience (find out some more about me on the Artist page). This is not an agency for other artists and I do not outsource work.

Will I see the portrait before you post it?

Yes, I send a proof of your portrait via email before I post it to you. Minor amendments can be requested at this stage and I make sure you’re happy with the finished piece before sending to you.

Do you offer a framing service?

I don’t currently offer a framing service for the pet portraits. I explain a bit more about the reasons for this on the Process page. Essentially, professional framers will be better positioned to help you with a frame in person, with the picture in front of them, than online. Secondly, I produce the portraits in standard A5, A4 and A3 so that you will also have access to a huge range of off the shelf options in any town’s high street.

But it's a gift - I need it framed and wrapped!

In these circumstances, let me know before you order and I’ll look to accomodate your request. I’d need to understand your requirements and then I could offer some options, though frames would be fairly simple as custom framing is a more personalised experience, better done in person.

Can you create pet portraits from more than one photo?

Yes. If you are commissioning a pet portrait of more than one pet, it’s likely that you may need to combine separate pictures into one composition, which is easily done for multiple head/shoulder shots on a plain background, for example. Or if you have a picture of one pet but would like a different background etc.  But I would not make a composite ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ with the head from one photo, the body from another… The quality of your pet portrait would be compromised and so it’s best to get the full-figure photo you’re most happy with or perhaps consider a head/shoulders portrait instead.

Can I have prints of my pet portrait?

Let me know before I post the pet portrait and I’ll send you a hi-resolution scan of your portrait which you can print. This is allowed for your own personal usage only and not for commercial use.

Can I use the image commercially or sell the usage rights?

The copyright of the pet portrait remains with the artist and so no unauthorised reproduction is allowed. It’s fine for you to use a copy of the image for your own personal usage. The copyright of your photographs remains yours.

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